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Powerboating Resource

                        Who teaches what?

                        Powerboat Instructor Skills Assessment

                        Safe Use of Kill Cords


                        Guidance for passenger safety

Library - Inland Waterways Library - Other Library - Personal Watercraft Library - Windsurfing Library - Sailing Library - Inspection

Level 1 & 2

Start Powerboating - Course Introduction Template

National Powerboat Certificate - Introduction Template

National Powerboat Certificate - Level 2 IRPCS Presentation

National Powerboat Syllabus - A4 PDF for laminating

National Powerboat Certificate - Roles & Responsibilities

National Powerboat Certificate - Towing & Being Towed

Teaching Power Trim

Man Overboard

Recovering People from the Water

Cold Water Shock Video

Safety Boat Course

Canoe Rescue

Kite Rescue

Windsurfer Rescue

Dinghy Rescue High Performance

Dinghy Rescue 2 man and Single Handed

Short Board Rescue

Safety Boat Course syllabus and Instructor Notes

Intermediate & Advanced

Speed / Distance / Time Calculator

Sector Search Reminder & Teaching Aid

Blank Passage Plan Form

Sample Passage Plan

Know your Flags

Know your Daytime Signals

Navigation Buoyage & Lights

Instructor Resource DVD

Download the PBI Instructor Resource DVD.

Full of useful articles for your Powerboat Courses.

If you have articles worth adding then please email them to me.

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                        Avoiding and Mitigating the effects of a hook