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Selection Days


Thinking of becoming a Trainer then have a chat with Gareth for a recommendation and advice re your preparation..

Thinking of becoming an S.I? Well check out the dates and talk to Gareth about the best route for you and your preparation work.

Revalidation or Development?

Instructor Resources Page

If  you are looking to Revalidate, then use the links above to select your revalidation requirement and follow the link to the RYA Web Site. There you will be able to download and save / print the revalidation form. Follow the instructions carefully and ensure that you advise your Principal that you need to and have applied for Revalidation.

If you are looking to take the next step and move up to become a Senior Instructor, Powerboat Trainer, PWC, Inland Waterways Trainer, Dinghy / Keelboat Coach or a Windsurf Trainer then use the links to the left to either find out more about the courses and dates or to contact the Regional Development Officer to discuss your options and your nomination.

Powerboat Instructor Revalidation Form

Windsurfing Instructor Revalidation Form

Inland Waterways Instructor Revalidation Form

Powerpoints, Handouts, Visual Aids

Struggling with your Presentations?

Why not use some of our presentation material or handouts. These have been used on numerous courses and we are always seeking to replace them with better and better material.

Feel free to download our Free Library Documents to support the courses you are delivering. Click the Library Page for the Free Downloads.

We are always seeking new material, so if you have a presentation worth sharing then please email it to us and we will be happy to share with other regional instructors.

Its all about raising the bar and helping others to promote the sport we are all so passionate about.

Email the Web Master



If you are interested in becoming a Coach / Assessor then talk to Gareth who can advise you of the best course of action.

Child Protection Info

Share Your Ideas

Conference Reports

RYA Revalidation Page

Senior Instructor

Email Gareth Email Gareth Email Gareth

Quick Links

Dinghy, Keelboat & Senior Instructor Revalidation Form